The American

I saw the movie adaption of this book when it came out in September, and I thought it was great. But after listening to the book, I have to say that I think the book was better than the adaption. There are a number of reasons why. The character is more interesting, he moralises his actions more and being able to listen to his thoughts about Spaniards or French Catholics (as per the priest) is very interesting. His friendship with the priest is also more developed. We don't know his nationality in the book, and it seems quite high odds on him being an actual American. I also found the ending to be better, more dramatic and less Hollywood. It was more personally affecting.

This is a great book, and I am curious to find out if any other Martin Booth books are similar as I would love to read more. Great for those who love drama and intrigue and thrillers. I want to listen again some day.

One Second After

One Second After is a book that focuses upon the aftermath of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) strike that knocks out electricity for the United States and also renders impotent anything with electrical circuitry. It has freaked me out a little as to what I would do in an EMP strike, living in NYC with no farms around means it will not be easy to survive! Perhaps I will begin to stockpile ramen noodles and tinned foods. And a bicycle.

The story itself centers around an ex-Colonel in the US army who lives in a small town in the hills of North Carolina, and the attempts of his town to survive in this new world with no electricity and little food or tools for survival until help arrives. It makes you realise just how much we rely upon electricity for modern life, and the difference that it has made in the world. The story is also a pretty good drama, with intriguing story telling and characters who seem life like. I would recommend it to anyone to read. both as a story and the potential insight to a horrific world.

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