Worlds At War

Worlds At War, by Anthony Pagden, is a book outlining the differences between East & West that have existed for the past 25 centuries, starting with Ancient Greece and Persia and bringing it to the current day. Although available in print, I listened to this book via Audible, and found it a very enjoyable experience. Worlds At War explains the clashes between the different civilisations, and provides a very good overview of many issues that we face today, giving a level understanding to the reader of why they exist and how they have come into being. It really must be on the top of the list for anybody seeking an overview of the differences in thought between the Western world and that of the Eastern, simply because it is written in an easily approachable fashion, and does not suffer from any bias - the author does not set out to preach about the superiority of one culture over the other. My only fault, as ever, are the odd careless mistake. Two that stood out for me where the mention of Napoleon invading Egypt in 1789, and dating the London Bombings of 2005 as June 8th rather than July 7th. That aside, Worlds At War is a truly fascinating story.


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