Pirate Ghosts & Phantom Ships

The title of this book, strangely enough, is a succinct appraisal of what lies inside. There are thirty-eight tales of ghostly ships and spirits of dead pirates, the majority of which centre around the coast of New England, where the author hails from. Pirate Ghosts & Phantom Ships is a clear work of love, you really get the sense that the author enjoys the stories as the stories are well told, and often inspiring (in the spring I want to investigate some of the haunted towns and islands mentioned, largely due to the story telling).

This is a short review as there really isn't a lot that you can say about a collection of short stories, each between 2 and 6 pages long, but if ghosts are your thing, there are some good stories here that I have not heard told elsewhere that may give you the chills.


Cheryl said...

Nice review, even if it is short.

Have you read Dan Simmons? He is a really good author.

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