Lord of the Flies

Stark. Grim. Disturbing. And yet, eerily, one could imagine the events portrayed in Lord of the Flies unfolding in real life. The real beauty of this book is that it can be read on many levels - damning the ease of which 'civilised' folk can lose their minds and become almost the same as savage beasts, the frailties of humanity, what one ought to expect of the British... this is certainly a book to re-read in the future.

In essence, this is a haunting story. I'm sad that in England, we never read this in school as this would have been a great thing to read during English class. Be so as it may, I'm glad that I saw this in Strand Bookstore and plumped for it, because it certainly is a very good book. The most haunting thing about it for me is that I could see what happened in this happening often in the world if circumstances permit - and indeed, they have and will do again. The ease of the break down of humanity is scary but perhaps quite what makes us human - at least we can recognise such things. Although it would seem that there are too few Ralph's in this world, and too many Jack's.


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