A decent but flawed book, Assholeogy has several interesting parts but ultimately falls flat. According to what it says, I am an asshole (at least in the making), and I'm not ashamed of that. For example, I've always had the trait of likeability which enables me to do things only to be dismissed because of who I am. But there are two reasons why I say this book falls flat. One is the advice for when you start a new job. To have a mental fit over a slight thing really doesn't seem right to me, for one thing most people are on probation periods and that might get you dropped.

The second is the length of the book. Of a tome consisting 197 pages excluding the index, it is annoying to find the appendix starting on P121 and mostly being complete drivel and/or unrelated topics, such as "know your asshole" or cocktail recipes. Perhaps an asshole move like that should have been expected after all.

But I found this book to have taught me an important lesson. It's all about how people perceive you that counts. I have tried to incorporate that into my being, and really, that is a very important lesson in life.

I'd say this book is worth a skim or a loan, but not really a purchase.


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