Moonraker is an interesting story. It begins rather slower than the previous Bond books that I have read, with the first 50 or so pages taking place in a Gentleman's Club (the original type, not a strip bar) in Central London. The story does pick up the pace however, as Bond seeks to infiltrate the Moonraker project, lead by a great villain in Hugo Drax. As an aside, it is a pity that the character development behind Drax would be almost impossible to replicate today - but I shan't spoil it for anyone and say why. Being a James Bond story, there is of course some seduction, and a lot of action, including a vivid car chase across the English county of Kent.

This again is a book that I wish they would have replicated more accurately when it came to film, rather than base loose plot strands upon it. I'm not sure quite what it is, maybe the books are a little more serious and less outlandish (and more in tone with the series reboot with Daniel Craig as Bond), but I do seem to prefer the novel version to the cinematic. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good bit of action, adventure and drama in their reading... and the ending certainly won't disappoint.


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