From Russia With Love

The Soviets have decided to strike a blow to the prestige of MI6 by hatching a plot to kill and embarrass their top agent. We all know who that is. This is in my top 2 of Bond books that I have read so far, as it is full of plot twists and vivid characters, like the head of 'T' section. It also paints a picture of Istanbul that makes me want to visit, and ends on a cliffhanger that makes me want to pick up Dr No immediately to find out what happens.

I think however, a passage from this tale will best explain why this is a novel to be read.

"I had a little Bessarabian hell-cat. I had won her in a fight with some gipsies, here in the hills behind Istanbul. They came after me, but I got her on board the boat. I had to knock her unconcsious first. She was still trying to kill me when we got back to Trezibond, so I got her to my place and took away all her clothes and kept her chained naked under the table. When I ate, I used to throw scraps to her under the table, like a dog. She had to learn who was master. Before that could happen, my mother did an unheard of thing. She visited my place without warning. She came to tell me that my father wanted to see my immediately. She found the girl." - Kerim Darko, head of 'T' section.


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