Present At A Hanging & Other Ghost Stories

I love Project Gutenberg! This is where I found this short collection of ghost stories from around the 1860s. If you are interested yourself, you can download the text here. I also love Mobipocket as they produce a great free ebook reader for PCs and laptops which you can find here. Now all that's out of the way, what did I think of the book?

It's always difficult for me to write a review for a collection of ghost stories, as most are three pages long maximum. From what I read the author, Ambrose Bierce, published these stories in newspapers in the south of America, so they are all true. Whether you believe them or not is another tale but they were presented as non-fiction rather than fiction. Bierce himself has a good story-telling way, and the stories themselves are perfect ghost stories in that they often sent a chill up my spine at the end. Some are pretty creepy too, like the one with the hidden room full of bodies or the haunted house with a woman's head where spirits come and seemingly wish to play football with it, booting it around the house. If you like ghost stories, download the software and the book and read it on a windswept winter's night. Or if you are like me and decide you don't want to freak yourself out walking to the bathroom, read it the next morning in lovely sunshine!


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