A Little History of the World

A Little History of the World is exactly as it sounds, a history of the World. It was written for children originally, but it is an excellent read for adults too, anyone who wishes to read and learn about the different civilizations that have lived. Obviously a book such as this will only touch on things briefly, but written as it was by an Austrian, it has a view on Central European events that you may not find from a British or American book.

I found this book to be extremely interesting. It focuses on interesting stories, and would be something that I would love to read to my children one day (if I have some). I guess that means I am a geek! But the overview is great, and I came away feeling as if I had learnt some things, and revisited some other favourite tales from the past.

There was also one quote that caught my eye in the final chapter. I thought it rather poignant given the age that we live in. It reads as follows:

I know a wise old Buddhist monk who, in a speech to his fellow countrymen, once said he'd love to know why someone who boasts that he is the cleverest, the strongest, the bravest or the most gifted man on earth is thought ridiculous and embarrassing, whereas if, instead of 'I', he says, 'we are the most intelligent, the strongest, the bravest and the most gifted people on earth', his fellow countrymen applaud enthusiastically and call him a patriot. For there is nothing patriotic about it. One can be attached to one's own country without needing to insist that the rest of the world's inhabitants are worthless.


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