The Fall

I read the first part of this trilogy, The Strain, earlier this year and really enjoyed it, so it was with a little excitement that I picked up the second book. And it did not disappoint! The story picks off where the last one ended, and continues in its glorious cinematic vein. If it doesn't get made into a movie... well I don't know what to say given the state of most films these days. It is just calling out for it. But regardless of that, The Fall features all the old favourites from the first novel, nuclear power plants, lots of gore, abuse of the aged, some deaths and a lot of action. I would definitely recommend it (I read this in 5 days) but would suggest starting with the first book to get the most out of it.

This is a scatterbrained review, but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the book and am interested in seeing how the third one ends. Triumph for the Master or will mankind pull it out of the bag?


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